In Memory

Robert R. Lewis

Robert, or Chomp as we knew him, grew up in Pierre and entered the U.S. Army in 1967.  He was sent to Viet Nam in September of that same year with the 196th Lt. Infantry Brigade.

While on an infantry patrol on January 10,1968, in Quang Tin Province, South Vietnam, 1st Lt. Robert Russell Lewis of the 196th,  was wounded by grenade fragments and died of complications from those wounds 5 days later.

Chomps name is on the Viet Nam Memorial Wall in Washington, DC - Panel 34E, line 21.  He was awarded the Combat Infantry Badge, National Defense Medal, Vietnam Service Medal, Vietnam Campaign Medal and the Purple Heart.

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04/05/10 10:36 PM #1    

Robert E. Darmer

Sadly, I can verify Chomp's name on the wall.

07/26/10 12:29 AM #2    

Harley Middleton

I lived next door to Chomp when we were four years old and attended school with him through college.  I remember him as the first kid on the block to sucessfully beat me up--that was a shock to my little system.  Chomp's dad was a career army NCO and to the best of my knowledge never made it home until he retired (I just remember Chomp as a seemingly fatherless kid).  However, Chomp's mom made up for the lack of a father in the house with her upbeat, kind and gentle personality.  She always had a smile on her face and created a real home for Chomp and his two younger sisters.  As children we spent our summers at the swimming pool and winters playing hockey. I remember one summer when Chomp became extremely ill with rheumatic fever and very nearly died.  However, he proved how tough he was by overcoming the effects of that close call to became the character that most of us remember.  He taught me to play chess, raised and milked rattle snakes, practiced yoga and hypnotism, served as a life guard and swimming instructor, and in general tried anything he wanted to.  I was in the Air Force when Chomp died and my wife and I came back for the funeral.  The church was packed out with friends and relatives and when Chomp's flag-draped coffin came down the aisle, I flat lost control of my emotions like I had never experienced before or after. To this day, I still recall playing ball with him, having him over for my mom's home cooked dinners, digging "forts" near the Missouri and sharing countless other hours with him doing the things we did.  It seemed an unfair shame that he died as young as he did with the promise he had.  Truly, Chomp was one of most recognized and loved persons in town and is still sadly missed.  Bill Hurst lived down the block from us and probably has some interesting Chomp stories.

12/29/14 07:02 PM #3    

Dorothy M. Huckfeldt (Neddermeyer)

Chomp was the first young person I knew who died. Being against the VN War made his death more than unfair, it was a mind-numbing that I rermember as if it was yesterday. Chomp was full of life and mischief, kind, generous and he seemed to excel at everything.  He generously offered to teach me how to swim.  Having a fear of water on my face made a difficult task..... he gave me his best effort....and the rest of the story....I still don't swim.  Oh yes, hypnosis could solve that issue....but, I have no burning desire to learn. Odd commentary for one who was born with a water sign. Chomp, I know you are doing great things. You are stilll greatly missed in this realm. We shall meet again. Namaste,  Dorothy Huckfeldt Neddermeyer....

12/30/14 10:39 AM #4    

Carl Anthony Wise

Thanks Dorothy, it is nice to be remembered.  I appreciate your kindness.   Carl

08/03/16 11:51 PM #5    

Dennis C. Coull

I had the opportunity on July 29 and 30, 2016 to meet with Chomps sisters, Ruth and Linda. They both live in Broken Bow NE. I also had the opportunity to meet Chomps 2 sons. Their names and contact information are as follows.

Robert Harris, 459 Walker St., San Francisco, CA  94117 email, 

Eric Wehmeyer, 12 Ash St., Woburn, MA.  01801  email 

They have both expressed an interest in finding out more about their dad. It is a very interesting story about how they found out about Ruth and Linda, and how they found out about each other. For the get together in Broken Bow NE this weekend end, Robert and Eric each flew to Denver CO and then rented a car to drive together to Broken Bow. This is the first time that they had met. But they had that trip to visit and get aquainted with each other. 

I would like to encourage those of you who knew Chomp quite well from grade school through high school and beyond to contact these two men and give them your memories of  Chomp. They would certainly appreciate hearing from each of you. 

Dianne also mentioned that I would be posting some pictures on the Whats New page of the website. The pictures are on my cell phone and I don't have a cord (or know how :) that is needed to get the pictures from the phone to the computer. Maybe someone could get me a cell number and I can text the pictures to you and you can get them onto the computer. Does that sound like a deal?

Each of you have a great rest of the summer. 



08/04/16 12:39 AM #6    

Dorothy M. Huckfeldt (Neddermeyer)

Dennis: Thank you for the epilogue. We are all connected for eternity. It is wonderful you could fill in some of the gaps for his sons. Namaste  Dorothy Huckfeldt Neddermeyer 

08/29/16 10:06 AM #7    

Dianne Marie Newlon (Roisum)

These are Chomps sons.  Left is Robert Harris and 

Right is Eric Wehmeyer.

Thanks to Dennis Coull for the pics.

01/11/18 07:51 PM #8    

Harley Middleton

Fifty years have passed, yet I still think about him and sadly know that his passing was a big waste.  The memory of his funeral is strongly etched into my mind.  I am glad that Dennis went to Nebraska and met Bob's two kids.  I know that meeting and the information they found out about their dad and his living aunts gave them some closure.  

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